Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to blogging finally !!

It's OVER ! Finally OVER ! EXAMS DONE ! FREAKING NO MORE WAKE-UP-AT-5AM-AND-READ-NOTES ! And some other stuff are might be over too..

I have finally finished my 11 exam papers in 4 weeks. Crazy as hell I tell you.. I had no life literally for 10 weeks - from Easter holiday till last week. Even though it is hell, we all still need to eat and fill our stomach with heavenly food, so I try to take a break once in a while and make some. It was sort of like a break from the "busy" revision schedule I put myself into.. oh well~ just glad that I survived.

Alright ~ New layout ! More food for everyone and a new system. I will now post the recipes that I have tried on to this blog as well. So enough of me babbling and enjoy reading !

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